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SideshowMatt [userpic]
Lost Playground News
by SideshowMatt (sideshowmatt)
at August 25th, 2006 (11:10 am)



"But why is it postponed?"....Well djrex has this to say....
"It seems that due to local authority regulations we cannot carry on with the Lost Playground, this has obviously caused us extreme upset and anguish as we believed that this line up was going to be a moment in history, but it appears that the people in authority had different ideas.

Inspite of the problems we've faced, the venue have been really good to us and are planning with us to post pone the event and do it at a later time.

Also to get around one of the licence issues that came up we will be looking to re-plan as an all day event, rather than an all night, we really hope this is good news and this will save the day.

It would be too much of a loss of a great moment in history for the Lost Playground to not happen.

We also plan is to locate alternative venues and put on some other exciting shows, maybe even billed as "mini lost playground" events. More news next week!"

From the quick phone call I had with Rex yesterday it seems that a vital equipment supplier decided to raise their costs three-fold overnight. This meant there would have been changes to the set-up of the event, and as such would have affected the fire regulations. A fair number of local authorities are quite happy to do a fire regulations check a day or two before an event and give the ok then, but the local authority here apparently wants to know what is happening a month in advance.
Because of the sudden, unforeseen changes, the team behind the lost playground couldn't meet the council's one month deadline, and hence the postponement of the event.

The date will be re-arranged as soon as it is possible to, and tickets for the old 23/09/06 date will of course be honoured for that. As Rex says the team is also looking at some possible 'extras' to make up for the disappointment. As soon as I myself get further news I will of course broadcast it in all the ways I know how! Bear with us! - sideshowmatt